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Welcome to Jim Owens' JarHeadTop.com. This site is dedicated to the High Power shooting enthusiast, providing articles, tips, products and instructional material for both the beginner and the veteran shooter.

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M/Sgt James R. Owens, Retired Jim Owens
(334) 347-0020
112 Redwing Dr.
Enterprise, AL 36330
M/Sgt James R. Owens, Retired


Due to the cost of living, and technology’s peculiar ways, we are having to give notice that all prices on this website are current as of today, August 7, 2015. Any orders coming in that are lower than what is on this site as of today will be asked to provide an active URL for us to honor the lower price. We are a little baffled that nowhere in the site files are the lower prices, so all we can think is that computers tend to cache websites, therefore showing you a lower price. To avoid this embarrassment for all of us, please refresh the website if you had it in your favorites, or something like that. We have, and will continue to have the best customer service in this industry, we will do everything we can to accommodate you. Thank you for your understanding.

Rifle Cleaning Supplies

Bore Tech Premium Firearm Technology

For three or more items call Jim at 334-347-0020 for batch shipping to save you some money on shipping.

Available Now - Call for details while the site is being finished!

Sophisticated Solvents That Take the Chore Out Of Bore Cleaning

 Bore Tsch Bore Cleaner    
 Bore Cleaner
Bore Tech Carbon Remover    
Carbon Remover
Bore Tech Copper Remover    
Copper Remover
Bore Tech Gun Oil    
Gun Oil
Bore Tech Moly Remover    
Moly Remover
Bore Tech Jags and Patches    
Jags and Patches
 Cleaning Supplies   Solvents

We now have LEATHER SLINGS in stock, both black leather and tan leather. Either can be assembled in the "Jim Owens No-Pulse Configuration." I have added a new supplier to my line of slings. "Ron Brown Service Rifle Slings." They are very good in quality and constriction Click HERE to view and to order.

Jim's Books just got a complete makeover!

His most popular books, Sight Alignment and Trigger Control, Reading the Wind, The Leather Sling and Shooting Positions, and Care, Cleaning, and Sportsmanship are now available on eReaders through Amazon. These books not only have a whole new look, but have been updated and expanded. You will get the same great information and stories with up to date information and pictures. Order yours today!

Click HERE for the Books and CDs or see below for the downlaodable version on Amazon.


Follow this Link for more information on the Sight Alignment Book on Amazon.
Follow this Link for more information on the Wind Book on Amazon.
Follow this Link for more information on the Shooting Positions Book on Amazon.
Follow this Link for more information on the Care and Cleaning book on Amazon.

Downloadable Version of Sight AlignmentDownloadable version of Reading The WindDownloadable Version of Leather Sling and Shooting PositionsDownloadable Version of Care and Cleaning

Only $9.95 for per book!

Don't have a Kindle?
You don't need one; you can easily download a FREE copy of the Kindle Viewer app and then read any Kindle book on your iPhone/iPad, Android device, or PC / MAC computer here: Free Kindle Reading Apps
Just downland, install and then start reading.
Instructions on getting the Kindle App to work.

Jarheadtop.com / JAFEICA Publishing is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com."


New Shooters - Package Deal

Konus 80mm spotting scope with 20-60 power zoom eyepiece and Jim Owens scope stand, plus all Four of Jim's Books on CD-Rom: (With new information, color pictures and additional chapters). 

Total $450.00 (Two easy payments of $225.00 each)

More Info

Replacement set of reinforced clamp screws

    If you have an early version of the scope stand without the reinforced clamp screws there is always the danger that you will break a screw off. We all know that this will happen at the worst possible time!!!

   We are offering this replacement set of 7 clamp screws of the new reinforced design to prevent such a disaster.

    The nylon clamp screws are reinforced with stainless steel screws –

no possible breakage.

$17.50   with $5.50 shipping and handling to anywhere in the lower 48 states.  .  ($23.00 check or M.O.)

($28.00 with PayPal for faster delivery )

Click Here for PayPal

The 2012 High Power rule changes have totally changed the Slow Fire disking procedures.  To see the new procedures click Here

I attended Jim Owens "High Power Class", and my shot group was reduced by half. I was able to incorporate Jim's shooting technique and it worked great. I would highly recommend this class. Jim packs tons of information into this class with lots of shooting at the range. I am very excited about shooting my next match. I am confident that with Jim's help that my score will be significantly better.

Thanks Jim!

Mike Tufts
November 30, 2012

Our New 2016 Class Schedule is posted - take a peek Here!!

For shooters who want to INCREASE THEIR SCORES INSTANTLY, read the first four chapters of my book, "Sight Alignment, Trigger Control and the Big Lie". You will learn the proper techniques in breathing, natural point of aim, sight alignment, sight picture, focus, trigger control and a lot more. If you know a new shooter, do them a favor and send them here.

In addition, I am making chapters 4 and 7 of my book "Care, Cleaning & Sportsmanship" available for your review. Chapter 4  is about Moly Coating and Chapter 7 talks about sportsmanship.

Please explore the site and feel free to read up on tips and hints by David Tubbs, Boots Obermeyer, Jack Krieger and many more in my Articles section of the site.

Best Day on a rifle Range

You always hear the bad things that happen on the range, Click Here to read one of the good things that Shooters and Range Officials did to help a Junior Shooter.



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We will e-mail a copy of our catalog to you unless you specify that you want it in the CD Rom format.

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I read the first four chapters of "Sight Alignment, Trigger Control and the Big Lie" one time and I picked up 50 points in my next match!

                               - Phil Olsen

                                           Livermore, CA

Good morning sir,

I received your no pulse sling on Saturday. I've only been able to do some dry firing with it so far, but I'm glad I made the purchase. First impression is that prep time will be a lot simpler as far as managing the rifle and all. Prone position feels solid, and contrary to what I thought before I spoke with you, there is plenty of length in the top strap.

Thanks again for taking the time to explain the idea to me over the phone, and for providing a great product.

Chris Vezeau


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