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Now Available: A Service Rifle Scope and Mount for $320.00

$330.00 with PayPal     

SDI SR scope and mount 001

NRA & CMP now allows a scope for the AR15 High Power Rifle Competition (Including the “Leg” Matches).

The few scopes available can cost as much as the rifle itself ($2,000.00 or more)

Standard Development Incorporated and Jim Owens offer a Scope and Mount that gets the job done for  $320.00 with free Shipping


The SDI scope mount *Patent pending * and Bresser Condor scope have been specifically designed for the new 2016 AR -15 Service Rifle rules.

The SDI mount gives you maximum flexibility on scope mounting position and exact repeatability on moving or removing the scope and mount from the rifle.


Bresser Condor 1-4x24 Description

The Condor 1-4x24 is a fully waterproof, fog-proof, nitrogen purged rifle scope with a 30mm main tube. It's a solidly built optic with a one-piece aluminum body.

The 24 mm objective diameter of this scope gathers 44% more light than other makes with only a 20 mm objective diameter.

The Bresser Condor has a duplex reticle and an illuminated dot if you choose to use it.  The illuminated center dot is just bright enough to see in light conditions, and not so bright that it will blind you at night.  A big improvement here is that the Condor 1-4x24 has been upgraded to a digital illumination system, which is controlled by a pair of buttons instead of the commonly found analog knob.  

A common complaint about rifle scopes is that they have turrets that seem imprecise and lacking tactile feedback.  Not in this case.  The minute clicks on the turrets of the Bresser Condor 1-4x24 are astonishingly precise, and exhibit some excellent audible and tactile feedback.  

The turrets on this scope give you plus or minus 13 minutes of adjustment on a single turn. We recommend that you zero the turret scales at your 300-yard rifle zero. Then you go down about 2 minutes for 200 yards and 11 minutes up for 600 yards. These adjustments are based on our quality control ammunition (Hornady 223 - 75gr BTHP match #8026). Other ammo may vary slightly from these numbers.

Treat the knobs like they are right handed screws. Turn clockwise for down and left and counterclockwise for up and right.  You don’t have to look just reach up and feel the clicks.

The scope and mount will be shipped separately


SDI Optical Service Rifle Scope and mount features Click Here

Assembly Instructions for the scope and mount Click Here

Modifying the bikini lens caps for long range Click Here

Long range shooting with the Bresser Condor scope   Click Here


For more information, contact Jim Owens at 334-347-0020

Top@JarHeadTop.com  Please include your phone number when e-mailing.


There is a lot of information that everyone needs to understand to insure you get the best performance from this Superior Scope and Mount.


 Help a Junior Shooter - Please make a generous Donation to the Camp Perry Retired Marines!


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