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KG-12 Test Results

KG-12 vs All Others



KG-12 Big Bore Cleaner

9.5 Grains removed

Note: This was an in house test performed by the European Distributor

A Barnes .338 Cal Bullet 210 Grn XBT - Lot No 1019 - 12 / 10 / 1998 LF Was Used

1. For the test, each bullet was weighed, in grains, 3 times to obtain an accurate

starting weight.

2. Each bullet was then soaked in each of our competitors copper solvents for 19


3. After 19 hours each bullet was removed from the solution, dried and weighed 3

times. Weights were recorded and the bullets returned to the solvent for an

additional 5 hours.

4. At the end of 24 hours each bullet was removed from the solvents dried and

carefully weighed again and the results listed

5. Gr is the weight of copper removed after 24 hours.


Barnes Copper Cleaner Blue Wounder Copper Cleaner Hoppies Elite Bore Gel Forest Bore Foam
Barnes CR-10; .02 gr. Blue Wounder; .02 gr. Hoppies Elite Bore Gel; .01 gr. Forest Bore Foam; .04 gr.
Hoppies #9 Hoppies Bench Rest MPro 7 Kleen Bore Copper Cutter
Hoppies #9; .01 gr. Hoppies Bench Rest; .02 gr. MPro 7; .01 gr.

Kleen Bore Copper Cutter; .01 gr.

Outer's bore Foam Outer's Nitro Robla Solo Shooter's Extra
Outer’s Bore Foam; .08 gr. Outer’s Nitro; .01 gr. Robla Solo; 2.8 gr. Shooter’s Extra; .06 gr.
Shooter's MZ 7 Sweets Tetra White Spirits
Shooter’s MZ 7; .02 gr.

Sweets; .02 gr.

Tetra; .00 gr. White Spirits; .01 gr.



KG-12 Big Bore Cleaner

9.5 Grains removed


My shipment arrived last week and just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my purchases. . Your copper solvent is the real deal too. Just amazing to put a drop on a bullet and watch it go to work instantly. No smell and no irritation if it gets on your skin, unbeatable combination. Thanks Jim and consider me a repeat customer.
Robert Thaxton

I fired 50 Tubb's lapping bullets in a .223 today, cleaning after every (10) rounds. After using Butch's Bore Shine & a bronze brush, I wet a patch with KG 12 and stroked the bore (20) times as instructed. Then as a test, I wet the bore with Sweets and let is soak a bit. I did not get even a hint of blue!!! It appears to me the KG 12 really does work and work well.
Best Regards;
Don Luther

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